Memories of Uganda

Original lino cut, multi-block, variable edition
Size 275 x 190mm

My daughter established a small charity providing educational opportunities in Uganda after spending part of her gap year in 2008 volunteering in a rural primary school in Kaliro. I visited the country with her in 2012 and again in 2014. Everything about the trip was different to anything I’d ever experienced before. The people, the houses, the landscape, all made me re-think the way I see the world.

This print was inspired by some women me met in the bush, though I’m not convinced it really captures the colours in their clothes and the countryside they were walking through.

I am hoping to re-print this lino cut on a more substantial paper. This edition is printed on newsprint, which at the time I felt was more appropriate for a print of Uganda, where paper is highly valued as it is a scarce commodity.

Key block technique using oil based in on four blocks. Printed with a small relief press.