Murmurations at Sunset

Original reduction linocut, limited edition of 6.

Print size 175 x 265mm

The fens of the Norfolk/Suffolk borders have formed an important background to my life since moving to East Anglia in the 1980s. The reeds and wildlife feature regularly in my artwork. This November the murmurations of starlings, combined with some fabulous skies, have entertained visitors to Redgrave and Lopham fen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The gold ink used on the reed in the foreground gives an added dimension to this print when the light catches it. This is a varied edition, as each print has a slightly different sky and/or murmuration. One piece of lino was cut away to create the three background layers, then three smaller pieces of lino were used to print the reed in the foreground and the murmurations. Handprinted with oil-based ink on Somerset Satin 250g paper using a small relief press.