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After the Rain


Actual printed area 223 x 280mm. Unmounted.

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There are two test prints and one artist proof available of this reduction linocut which was a very small edition of 10. Print size 223 x 280mm. The artist proof is printed on Somerset Satin 250gsm; if you look closely you can see the watermark bearing the name Somerset on the lower right-hand side of the print. The two test prints are printed on 140gsm acid-free recycled paper and have slightly different clouds. Please look carefully at the associated photographs before placing your order.


This print is inspired by a scene I came across while out on my bike. I was annoyed to find my way blocked by a flooded road following heavy rain, so I took a photograph to send to the highways department. It was only then I noticed the wonderful reflections created by the clouds and the trees, so I got out my sketchbook instead. I eventually made my way round the flood by pushing my bike through a very muddy field, while at the same time moaning about it to a hapless farm worker who I think was on his way to the porta-loo when I waylaid him!

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