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My work

My fascination with lino cuts began after unexpectedly receiving a basic lino cut kit for Christmas in 2013. Since then I have experimented with various techniques and attended a number of lino cut workshops, most notably with Ian Philips. Anyone who knows Ian’s work will see his influence in my reduction prints. 

I love the many processes involved in creating a lino cut. Starting from working out how the initial idea/image can be transferred to a lino cut, deciding which technique will be most suitable, carving the lino and then eventually inking up and printing the image in its various layers. The whole process from start to finish can take many days or even weeks sometimes. 

The reduction method of lino cutting uses a single piece of lino to produce a multi-coloured print. The lino is gradually cut away as each layer is printed and the image emerges. Sometimes, only a very small printable area remains for the final, darkest tone. As the block is essentially destroyed during the process, a reduction print can never be reprinted.

Due to the nature of the printing process each print is a unique piece of artwork. Prices for unframed prints range from £20 to £60. I also create original lino cut greetings cards.

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My studio is based in Garboldisham (Norfolk, UK). It is open by appointment only. Feel free to contact me to arrange a visit.

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