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About Me
Gill Thornton

Gill Thornton

At school the only subject I enjoyed was art, but it took another 40 years for me to rediscover that joy. A few years ago, I started messing about with some basic water colours and realised that drawing and painting were something I still love. This then led me to discover a fascination in botanical art – something I never thought I would have the patience for. What I enjoy most about botanical illustration is getting deeply engrossed in studying a subject and then transferring it to paper.

When I unexpectedly received a basic lino cut kit from my son-in-law for Christmas 2013, I started using this interest in botanical art in my lino prints. Since then I have continued to experiment with creating images from nature and places I have lived and visited.

In 2018 I moved to the village of Garboldisham in Norfolk and for the first time I was able to have my own dedicated studio at home.

My Studio
Find out more about my artwork or visit my studio.

My work

I love the many processes involved in creating a linocut and enjoy sharing them with others. I am always happy to talk through how I create individual pieces with visitors to my studio.  Starting from working out how the initial idea/image can be transferred to a lino cut, deciding which technique will be most suitable, carving the lino and then eventually inking up and printing the image in its various layers. The whole process from start to finish can take many days or even weeks sometimes.

The reduction method (my favourite technique) uses a single piece of lino to produce a multi-coloured print. The lino is gradually cut away as each layer is printed and the image emerges. Sometimes, only a very small printable area remains for the final, darkest tone. As the block is essentially destroyed during the process, a reduction print can never be reprinted.

Visit my studio

My studio in Garboldisham (Norfolk, UK) is open by appointment  and at various times throughout the year. Please get in touch, using the contact form below, to arrange a visit. 

I also take part in Norfolk Open Studios which takes places over three weeks in Spetember/October each year.  

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If you would like to ask a question before buying a piece of artwork from my shop, or would like to see a piece first, please use the contact form below, stating the name of the artwork you are interested in. I sometimes have artist proofs for sale.

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